1. B

    My cockatiel is bobbing her head, stumbling, and looking around lost

    I have a female cockatiel and a male cockatiel. The female is around 11 years old and I have had her for 10. She has been on an only seed diet since we've gotten her. Yesterday I took her on my finger and she stranded looking around randomly with a blank expression. The best was I can describe...
  2. Mochikospets

    Tiel holding wings weird?

    Hi there! I have one hand fed baby cockatiel and one adult female, we recently decided to add a mate for her from a breeder. All of his cockatiels seemed in good health, clean cages, everything. He said this boy’s mate flew away, and he was in a cage with a bunch of females and another male. I...
  3. T

    Shaking & quiet

    Hi everyone! First post here. My 2 year old sun conure, Zazu seems a bit puffy these days. On top of that she does seem to be shaking/quivering a bit like she’s cold but my apartment is a good temp. She stayed overnight and had blood work at the avian vet this past weekend. Everything came...
  4. bettietheripper

    Does your sun conure ever shake a lot?

    Pipa is now a year and 3 months old, and she is doing good so far. She has a temper, and bites all the time, ignoring all her toys and going for the fingers instead, but that's another topic for another time. She's also started to put her butt on my hands, even face, which I obviously stop...