sick budgie

  1. miosj

    how to get sick budgie to eat powdered emergency food?

    hi, i've brought my sick budgie to the vet a few days ago and the vet gave us a powdered suppliment/food by VETAFARM (critta care) which provides nutritional support for sick and injured birds. the vet told us to try and force feed her as she isn't tamed. i tried placing the powder mixed with...
  2. D

    HELP! Budgie vomiting and eating it

    I've had my budgie, Afina, for about six months now. She came from a pet store (I know, I know, it's not something I'm proud of). I'm not sure about her age. After adopting her, the pet store recommended a specific brand of food (ZuPreem Fruit Blend) as it's what they fed the birds in store...
  3. D

    Sick budgerigar (and quarantine issues with new bird)

    I have a male budgie who is a few years old and having balance issues. My mum called me frantically and said he was flailing his wings in the air. I ran in thinking it might be a stroke, but he climbed back up to the perch and is constantly swaying from side to side. He’s trying to move from...
  4. B

    Worried for my budgies health!

    Hi, My budgie Gooses (previously named Turkey) health is concerning me, especially because birds hide their sicknesses so well. I've found her a few times at the bottom of her cage, lying down when I got back from work. She shot right up and got on her perch when I turned on my music though...
  5. pickygrackle

    Hey birdies

    Howdy folks of the forum. I just registered and i have a question about my budgie. She is a rescue, i've had her for 8 years, her estimated age is 12. I keep taking her to the vet. She's thrown up twice this month. And no, not regurgitation. I'm talking white sticky liquid. I'm afraid its...
  6. A

    is my budgie sick?

    i am new bird owner. i brought 4 budgies home on 24th march 2017, one white budgie from this group flew away after one month. one yellow budgie out of left three is sleeping a lot since this sunday (means from 14th May)..he is eating and drinking well i think but he sleeping most of time which...