sick cockatiel

  1. ahgassi

    Molting or sickness?

    Hello everyone! I hope you all are doing great. :) I have a question regarding my cockatiel - maybe some of you have had a similar experience and would be willing to share it with me? My cockatiel, Fili (male, 1.5 years old) has been puffed up and sleeping quite a lot for the past three to...
  2. P

    Baby cockatiel lost voice

    Hi everyone, I just got a cockatiel two weeks ago and yesterday, he started losing his voice and today morning he is unable to make any sound. I'm new to having a bird as pet. I am taking him to vet this afternoon. He is very active , he is eating normally, he looks fine except for his voice. Is...
  3. D

    Sick cockatiel

    Hiya, new member here! My cockatiel, Pan seems to be a little sick (I think a respiratory infection of a sort (maybe)). He's just as active and eats as normal but I did catch him breathing heavily for a little while. I've booked an appointment with an avian vet but the earliest I could book is...