Molting or sickness?


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Dec 20, 2022
two cockatiels (Fili and Leia)
Hello everyone!
I hope you all are doing great. :)

I have a question regarding my cockatiel - maybe some of you have had a similar experience and would be willing to share it with me?

My cockatiel, Fili (male, 1.5 years old) has been puffed up and sleeping quite a lot for the past three to four days. Sometimes he's sleeping on two feet and sometimes he's sleeping normally, on one foot. He is eating normally (pellet-based diet, though I try to give him and his cockatiel gf Leia couscous with egg whites) and drinking normally as well. He is also preening as he used to. I've checked his stool and there are no changes in it either. The only thing that has changed is that he is losing quite a lot of down feathers and sleeping a lot - is it possible that he is molting and changing his down feathers, which leads to him being so tired?
I have been giving him vitamins ever since I've noticed the down feather loss and I've kept him "close to me" so he's sitting on my hand or hiding in my hoodie while I'm working on-line.


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Jul 10, 2015
Western, Michigan
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Location, locations, location - general area is helpful. Assuming you are in North America and are experiencing the major swings in temperature of late, your Parrot is likely reacting and is molting.

Assuming that you are providing vitamins in his water. That method is very ineffective as there is no way of assure what amount of vitamins your Parrot is receiving. Plus, it must be changed multiple times each day to limit bacterial growth.

Molting is expensive as it demands high-levels of energy and extended sleeping 'could' be seen. That said, it is worth assuring your Parrot is getting a full nights sleep.

Being watchful is important as this could be early sides of an illness.

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