sick parakeet

  1. SleepyLuca

    Budgie health problems

    So my about 6 year old budgie has been having a lot of problems recently that have me concerned. His beak has started to grow too fast for him to manage and we had to begin trimming it on a regular basis so that he can eat, drink and clean himself. But- he also has feces stuck to his vent and it...
  2. N

    Parakeet poop concern

    my budgie/parakeet snow was acting sick 3 days ago he was hot with his wings spread apart, he was not eating or drinking. we went to an emergency vet and they could to give a diagnosis. the next day after the vet he was acting normal and eating and drinking normally, chirping, flapping wigs and...
  3. maribo

    Don’t know what to do

    I currently have a four-month Indian ringneck, and it's been sick for a while now. We've had him for a month now. It has high white blood cells, and the doctor said he has chronic inflammation and will need more antibiotics. The breeder from where I got it from had a warranty to take it back...
  4. Z

    New Member in Desperate Help

    Hi, My name is Lina and I’m so glad to be in such great company. Thank you in advance for any advice on this situation. I have been searching for any guidance and cannot find anything on this symptoms. We brought home two beautiful parakeets, Mac & cheese, and they were doing extremely well...