1. S

    Pink poop, baby Superb parrot

    Hello, I really don’t know where else to ask.I have two babies. Superb parrot. Around 10-14 days old. Their parents started plucking them so my friend asked me to hand feed them.I have them since monday 8th July. But I started feeding yesterday because on monday they were full. But… yesterday I...
  2. S

    HELP!!! is my new jenday conure sick or just stressed???!

    HELP is my new jenday conure sick or just stressed!!?😖 hello everyone 🙌🏻 it’s been two days with me hand feeding my baby jenday he never even seems hungry I just type of force him on eating (his crop gets full every time) but what scares me is how quiet he is & rarely makes lowtone clicking...
  3. I

    My parrot is sick and I don't know what to do

    Hello everyone, I have a 12 year old quaker called Pepe, I love him a lot, so I feel incredibly scared because he's been acting strange. Ever since a few weeks ago he will stop eating sometimes, refuse food or water and regurgitate what he does eat. Yesterday he was really 'out of it' I don't...
  4. birbsRcool

    I have no idea if Pikachu's sick

    So, Pikachu is going on and off of random symptoms. He was pooping lots, the colour of the poop changed, he got very aggressive, and the poop had a bad smell. Most people suggested a bacterial crop infection, so when I told my dad what was happening, he said that we'll talk about it, BUT then...
  5. C

    Possible Egg Bound Bird

    My Parakeets are named Sunny and Misty and they seem to be ready to lay eggs. They have been mating and preparing the nest for a few days now but the last couple of days Sunny (the female) started acting very creepy. A couple of times every day she leans forward, sings weakly, her behind opens...
  6. P

    Lesson: 19 years old Sun Conure looks acts healthy but isn't

    My Sun Conure named Putter is 19. He looks great. Behaves as he always has. He had not been to the vet for many years. I figured wing clipping and a look over we'd be good to go. The vet said, 19, wow that's old for a Sun. Really, when I got him as a baby his feathers all green, no bright colors...
  7. J

    Something on my budgie’s cere

    I just got home from school and I noticed something atypical on one of my budgies, Yin’s beak. He/she (don’t know the gender yet) doesn’t appear to be sick, I’ve only just gotten the both of them yesterday. I need advice on what to do because I can’t call the vet because my mom says they’re fine...
  8. D

    Worried about my suncheeck

    I just got a suncheeck from a breeder today. I am worried because his tail is downward. Im afraid he is sick. I have had other two conures and never saw them put their tail like that. Also, my brother got a sun conure and his tail was downward too, his bird died two days later. We dont know the...
  9. Thegreenchicken

    Conure eye redness, conjunctivitis?

    I noticed on 11/18 in warm lighting, that my conure Rio, has some redness in the white skin patch around his eye(s). Rio is almost 3 years old. I feed him nutriberries & Zupreem pellets. He gets calcium, as well as fruits & veggies. I have a call into my avian vet, because last night I noticed...