sleep cage

  1. Ezekiell

    How to manage bird sleeptime?

    I’ve read that parrots need between 10-12 hours of sleep a night, otherwise their health is at risk. I’m wondering how people who work during the day manage this? For example; Our usual day is we both get up between 6-6:30am, leave for work at 7am, return home at 3:30-4pm, our bedtime is usually...
  2. Blue07

    My Pyrrhura has a problem to sleep... help!

    Hi everyone! I've two funny and lovely green cheeks.. The male (J.) has 5 years old, and the female (A.) almost 3. This is the problem: during the night the male goes to the bottom of the cage.. spending his time walking and walking and making confetti with the newspaper (I use newspaper...
  3. bugbabe623

    How small is too small for sleeping cage?

    So I'm going to be giving Hermes (GCC) a sleeping cage now that he has begun step up more confidently. As well as he is getting a large day cage. The cage the breeder gave me is broken and held together by zip ties so I want to just redo it totally. But I can't find any info on how small is too...
  4. K

    Update on Lukah's sleep cage!

    Hey! Some of you had asked me to let you know how Lukah's sleep cage worked out once I got it all set up and started using it. Well, it's been a week or two and now I swear by sleep cages! It's definitely made a difference in Lukah and I's life! 1. Lukah's problem screaming has gone waaay down...