Update on Lukah's sleep cage!


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May 11, 2013
Lukah- Sun Conure, 10 months old!
Hey! Some of you had asked me to let you know how Lukah's sleep cage worked out once I got it all set up and started using it. Well, it's been a week or two and now I swear by sleep cages! It's definitely made a difference in Lukah and I's life!

1. Lukah's problem screaming has gone waaay down. Lukah still screams every now and then (hes a sun so that's kinda hard to take away) but not nearly as much and never really for no reason when I'm in the room anymore. Usually he only screams if I leave a room now and I think it's because he's worried about me or checking on me. Whereas he used to just scream and scream even if I was in the room- I couldn't even hear myself think!

2. He doesn't fall at night anymore. When sleeping in the front room, it got to the point where I would literally be waking up 2 or 3 times every night to check on him after hearing him fall off a perch because of a night terror.. and he fell even more than that because my roommate (who is the nightowl of the house) said he would fall a lot when she was watching tv and I couldn't hear him. The first night in his sleep cage he was rattling around and making quite a bit of noise (it was a new environment and he was probably thinking what the heck is going on where am I! all night) and fell once. I don't think he got much sleep that night. Since then, he has not fallen once and doesn't make any noise until morning when he wakes up around six thirty a.m. (I put him to sleep around 8 usually)

3. He seems much more active, playful and observant throughout the day.

All that being said, I still have to catch him every night to get him into his sleep cage and once he's in he sometimes gets upset for a few minutes and sometimes will scream a couple times, but once I turn the lights off his sleepiness gets the better of him and he's out like a lightbulb!

His sleep cage consists of two perches (one small grape vine one and one sand perch) and a cozy hut (that he hasn't used once yet). He will typically sit on the grape perch and fall asleep with one foot up on the side of the cage.

I think getting him this sleep cage is one of the best things I could've done for him!
Great update! A happier bird is easier to train; before you know it you won't even have to catch him for bed time ;D.
If my mitred conure sees a crate, he tries his best to get inside!!!! And once inside, sometimes it's a pain to get him back out! LOL I have no doubt it's a conure thing of liking dark places, coupled with a "nest site" kind of thing. He always makes a bunch of goofy and funny sounds when he's inside a carrier!

Glad that using a sleeping cage is working out for Lukah!!!!

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