sleep issues

  1. E

    Not sleeping

    My pineapple green cheek isn’t sleeping the full 12 hours. I’m not doing anything to wake her up but she always wakes up before 12 hours or even 10 hours. What can I do to help her get her sleep
  2. AutumnPGCC

    Long-lasting Mood Change and Aggressiveness - Seeking Help

    Hello all, This is my first post reaching out for help for Autumn my Pineapple Green Cheek Conure. My husband and I adopted Autumn almost a year ago and she will be 2 years old soon. When we adopted her from her previous owner she seemed very gentle and sweet and was for the first couple months...
  3. B

    i think my cockatiel doesn’t sleep at night

    every night i can hear him move around in his cage, and whenever i walk by him both of his eyes are wide open. at first i thought it was because he’s afraid of predators attacking him, so after some research i figured it’d help if i left a small hole for him to look out from so he’d feel safe...
  4. T

    About me :)

    Hi everyone :) I'm Lynda from South Wales UK. I live with my partner, Jess and our African Grey parrot, Jerri. We are Jerri's third set of owners and have had 'him' for about four years. (I say 'him' as we were led to believe that it was a boy when we got him but last year, at an estimated age...