1. Squeeing_Onion

    Green Cheek Snuggling - too much?

    I am not a new parrot caretaker, but I am newly owned by one sassy little four year old Green Cheek, 'Bongo.' My previous bird was not a cuddler, and was in fact very hands-off. It was an entire year before he was even comfortable being touched at all, excluding his feet. He was an older rescue...
  2. D

    LOVE my baby green cheek!!

    I've had zoey :rainbow1: for 2 weeks now & she is AMAZING! super affectionate & already on a schedule :) she wakes up early, has a little play time outside the cage then crawls into bed w/ me... we snuggle & fall back asleep for about an hour... then breakfast & tons more play time! she lets me...