1. aprilrain

    2 GCC Need a Home in Southern California

    Looking for a home to adopt 2 green cheek conures. They must stay together. Must already have GCCs and be knowledgeable. Will not sell to bird sellers or breeders. I want them to go to a good home. Male 4.5 years old (Mojo) Female 1.5-year-old (Sweet pea) Healthy, happy birds. Both are step-up...
  2. MacawBeginnerandLover

    Macaw price?

    I currently have 3 baby scarlet macaws and thinking about keeping some while trying to sell some to try to build up a savings for a Hyacinth breeding pair. Any idea of prices of baby Scarlet macaws? When they are most expensive? ---When they are right after weaning? When they learn how to fly...