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    bird playgym, stand
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    Full small parrot setup(cage, stands, carriers)

    Location: Los Angeles, California area (Ventura) This full setup was for a green-cheeked conure. She was sweet, alas she has gone. :green: The following would cost a couple thousand dollars new. Includes: stainless steel cage - opens top and side; with wheels; 36"x26"x17" movable stand - with...
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    IRN 5 week cannot hold himself up, HELP

    Hey Everyone! I'm kind of freaking out and don't know if this is normal! Today I bought a baby yellow Indian Ring neck I was told he's probably around 10 weeks but he looks 5 weeks old, he was in his cage with one other IRN. I have been around a lot of birds but this is my first bird at home. In...
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    I made this stand for my future small bird. It started as most of an ikea valet stand (MULIG Valet stand - black - IKEA), and I covered it in vetwrap, with cotton string wrapped around the horizontal bars (I doubt if the lower rung will get any use). I have another branch to add to the top to...