Full small parrot setup(cage, stands, carriers)


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Jul 27, 2017
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This full setup was for a green-cheeked conure. She was sweet, alas she has gone. :green: The following would cost a couple thousand dollars new.

stainless steel cage - opens top and side; with wheels; 36"x26"x17"
movable stand - with wheels; food dishes; waste tray; 5' high
small cage - 18"x16"x11"; transportable
small carrier - 12"x6"x6"; good for vet visits
various rope/wire stands
small stand - 12" high
1 heated perch
1 bird harness w/ video instruction
various bird toys
1 large bag Harrison's bird food

$750 obo

Address inquiries to Michael.
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Sorry for your loss!

It is my hope that someone in your area will see this Thread and contact you. Remember to contact your Avian Vet as they are a good source regarding people with new Parrots.

FYI: Unless you have kept the Harrisons's pellets frozen, it is likely that it is loosing its freshness rapidly. Double check the date code. If the date code is still within its useable life, get it into the freezer.

Once again, very sorry for your loss.
My condolences for the loss of your conure. They are wonderful companions, and I am sure she was dearly loved.

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