stepping up

  1. threat2society

    CAG is scared of me touching her feet

    I got a CAG a few days ago from a breeder ( I wanted to rescue one but i barely even found CAGs for sale in here, no one keeps parrots around here ) and right away i could tell she was very scared of human touch. but on the first day, while i was sitting nearby, she lowered her head and let me...
  2. K

    hand training triggering mating behavior?

    i have an African grey. he is 20 years old and is a rescue from an abusive household. i don't know his gender but i ASSUME he is a boy based on his behavior. Archemedies is my childhood pet. i have had him for roughly 14 years now and we are about the same age. slowly over the years we have...
  3. Allysen


    I don't know what to do. I'm at a complete loss. My TAG, Gomez Addams, is absolutely terrified of me all of the sudden. I've racked my brain for what could have set him off, but I can't think of anything! I wish I could read his mind. :( I originally got him about six or seven years ago. I was...
  4. S

    Teaching a congo to step up, help!

    Hello I have a female congo who is around 3 years old, I've tried to train her with a stick but it frightens her :( and if I use my hand she just ignores it? what should I do??
  5. R

    Bird only stepping up for treat

    So my 2 new birds are wild (parent raised). I've had them for a little over 3 weeks. The Turquoisine is a year old and very skittish so I've been going very slow with him. I extend millet out to him and I leave my hand in the cage to try and move it closer. I want him to get used to my hand...
  6. S

    Stepping up - the long version. Normal?

    When I want my galah to come and do something with me, she can be very slow in stepping up. She puts up one foot, then she'll put it down, then she'll stretch a wing, she'll put one foot on me, take it down, grab me with one foot and take her time with the other. There is often quite a bit of...