strange behavior

  1. K

    My 4 month old parrot is acting different

    Hello, I’m new to this forum, and I have Asperger’s Syndrome, so I apologise if I describe anything badly. I found a breeder in London, England and purchased a baby African Grey from him at 3 months old. We agreed she should leave his residence when he feels she’s ready. I picked her up on 24th...
  2. apathygurl

    vibrating on my finger?

    hi, i'm new here. my 8 month sun conure, that i got a couple months ago, does this strange behavior i haven't heard of. she doesn't do it a lot but sometimes she'll latch her beak onto my finger or nail and start shaking up and down vigorously. she doesn't do that with anyone else in my family...
  3. S

    Kiwi the baby quaker

    Hi All, I am Sef and live i Malta, i am an animal lover and i always had a pet in my life, being dog, cat, giunie pigs, birds u name it. I moved out of my mums house with my partner and 5 year old kid and decided to bring a bit of joy to the fam by getting a parrot. I wanted a blue macaw...
  4. KiwiDaConure97

    Conure spitting up food?!

    Hello, my GCC has been doing this for a while now but is doing this a lot more now and is beginning to spit up food with it. When he gets curious of some objects he'll go up to them, bite them, then do a weird dance sort of thing and spit up some food then swallow it. I've attached a video link...
  5. E

    Can someone explain this behavior?

    My conure has been making this strange jerking motion with his neck since I got him, and there is a slight popping noise when he does it. Can anyone explain it? It looks like he's throwing his head back and making circular mtions. I had to upload it to YouTube in order to attach it...
  6. SourFloof

    Lovebird rubs head on cage?

    I tried looking this up but could not find anything, so I decided to ask here. Peepo, my Pied Blue Fischer, is my first bird and has been with me for about three weeks I can say. For this past week, I have noted him inexplicably rubbing his head on his cage. It looked cute at first, but now...
  7. T

    What is my bird doing???

    Ok, I have a female lovebird, her name is Twilight she is about 2 years old and I have only had her for about 3 months. Her previous owner hand raised her from a chick but neglected her after the first year, so it has taken a little bit of work to re-socialize her and she is doing great though...