stressed bird

  1. O

    Excited to Be Here!

    Hello Everyone & Your Birds, I have had smaller birds (budgies, greys), and used to work caring for hawks and owls, but I am about to become a first time mom to a Green and Gold Macaw by the name of Orinoco The Pirate. I am adopting him from the wife of one of my hospice patients. He is about...
  2. reeisconfused

    How to destress my upset parrot?

    Hello Guys. I’m back with another question. We’ve had Max (an Indian Ringneck) for two weeks now and he’s settling in very well. He’s a very active boy and he loves being out of his cage. We haven’t clipped his wings and so, he flies around the house as he pleases. Still very scared of hands...
  3. T

    Help for Howie

    Hello. I am new to this site although Howie and I have been together for 27 years. He is an Illinger macaw. I have had him since he came from the breeder. He was mostly my mom's bird (even though he was a birthday gift from her to me). When we first got him (as per advice of vet), he kept...