My bird is preen excessively which is concerning

Apr 3, 2023
United Kingdom, England, Cheshire
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As some of you may know my male budgie had recently lost his sister because she had to be euthanised.
I started seeing more down feathers fall from his as the days have gone by, I’ve also see his excessive behaviour to preen his back and chest.
I’ve tried to give him more attention than usual and I’ve played music for him but sometimes he simply doesn’t want it and he sometimes has the urge to climb excessively across the cage while doing his call.
I’m just lost and concerned because he had a mate which he could rely on.
I know he’s grieving but this overall a terrible and stressful time for both of us.


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Jul 10, 2015
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Yes, the loss of a mate is difficult and your increasing your time with him is important, especially if that time has him out of his cage ond on you.

Winter has seemingly come to an abrupt end in large parts of North America. I am not sure if that is also true for the UK, but if it is, it is possible that your Budgie is havng some of his Winter stock of downy feathers molt. During molts, it is important to assure that he is receiving his regular diet and is likely eating a bit more.

Sorry for your loss of one of your Budgies.
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