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  1. Kiwi&Zeus

    Sugarcane treat during summers

    Kiwi and Zeus love the treat
  2. Rico_Tiel

    How do I keep my room cool?

    So, I have birds, obviously. And my Kaiju of a tiel (Rico) likes my room to be 75°F (23C). I keep it that way but I keep my desk fan on and angle it so it only blows on me as I don’t do too hot in warmer temperatures. it never blows on him unless I’m trimming his nails as he overheats easily...
  3. A

    Summer programs

    Hello I have two green cheek conures and in the summer I will go to at least 4 camps which I am actually sad about because I will miss my parrots soooo much. :02: But at that times my family will take care of them. But we will also go to programs together. I don’t know what to do with my parrots...
  4. B

    Heat Waves and Humidity

    Hi everyone! So unfortunately my air conditioning has stopped working for the most part, it’s cooler in the bird room, but I’m still worried! I was thinking about putting little trays of water in their cages, but there’s no telling whether or not theyll bathe. I know humidity makes the heat feel...
  5. F

    Found mold on our GCC's water bowl in her sleeping cage - please take care!

    UPDATE: Hi everyone! Thank you for your comments, I put this in the description of the video but I don't think it was clear... So we clean our water bowls and food bowls daily. We went on a trip for a few days and during the trip, this water bowl was not used by anyone. Our pet sitter used SS...
  6. K

    Summer heat!

    :14: So it's getting hotter! I cover my Lilly with a thin fleece every night when it's bed time. My windows are always open but is that enough to keep her from being too warm on hot nights? Would you suggest I don't cover her in the summer? Or would a thin linen bed sheet be a much better idea...
  7. R


    Hello everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. I'm sorry I have not been online in some time. The past couple of months have been very stressful for me. Ever since the beginning of June, I have been working non stop (even working from home). :headwall: I am not having much of a fun...