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  1. NessaV

    Sun Conure sneezes a lot?

    My Sun conure, Elly, is almost 5 months old now. I've had her home for a little over a month. She's had her new bird exam at a qualified avian vet office during the first week I had her, which included a basic physical exam and blood tests for diseases like psittacosis, polyomavirus, etc, as...
  2. Rora

    Please meet Tango! Also, I'd like some advice if possible :D

    I got my Sunday conure “Tango” from a male breeder about two days ago, he’s ten weeks old and he’s friendly. He’s currently fallen asleep while I’ve been stroking his stomach or back and sits on my shoulder or accepts treats from me , but he screams when my boyfriend comes into the room (I think...
  3. A

    Calvin's favorite trick!

    "I'm gonna sit on the front of the cage and pretend like I wanna come out, so when she opens the door, I'm can turn my head nearly upside down with a bewildered look on my face when she offers her hand and asks me to step up. I'M BRILLIANT!" Oh, Calvin! :orange:
  4. N

    Just got a new Sun Conure and he doesn't like me :(

    Hello, I recently brought home a 3 month old Sun Conure. It's been a few days and he just doesn't seem to like me. Every time I open the cage to get him out, he runs to the back and away. I have still picked him up and tried to cuddle, but he just wants to get out of my hands. If I don't...
  5. NessaV

    Looking for cage. Please help!

    Hi, I am new here! I will be getting a sun conure within the next several weeks. He is still in the process of being weaned, so I have time to make preparations. I am trying to find the largest cage possible while still having the appropriate bar spacing. However, it seems that larger cages...
  6. A

    New sun conure!

    New sun conure! Help?? Hello, I need some help with my new sun conure. Back story: he was found by some friends of ours, and we went to great lengths to reunite him with his owners. After calling every shelter, posting flyers, looking of Craigslist and calling every avian vet in the area, we...
  7. ann

    Help picking a new parrot (maybe)

    Hi guys, recently I was offered a newly weaned sun conure with a twisted foot (he's was born that way, but other than that he is completely healthy). At the store, they usually go for 500, but I can have him for 200 because of his foot. I would love another parrot and a sun conure could get...
  8. K

    Sleep cage setup, introduction and times!

    So after waking up to Lukah falling off his perch last night at 2am with my roommate watching tv and then finding her on the couch this morning tv still on, I've decided Lukah is long overdue for a sleep cage. I'm wondering how I set it up. I have a little cage my grandma gave me that I can put...
  9. MarshallSpears

    Need some advice for my new Sun!

    I got a Sunburst Conure on the 4th of July. He is already spending 3 to 4 hours a day with me on my shoulder and lap. I just love him! However I notice some sneezing when he is preening or scratching his nose. He sneezes and some discharge will hit my face! But it seems to be clear. Like I...
  10. W

    Could my Sun be pied? Also, question about odd tail feathers.

    I know very little about my Sun, Leo, except for that I bought him from a man who inherited him from his grandfather, who was the original owner and a breeder. Leo's said to be about five years old. He is banded, but the man I bought him from didn't have his disease testing or DNA sexing...
  11. RioJPMP

    Clipped my little Rio's Wings :/

    I know everyone has different opinions about keeping a parrot clipped or not. I was faced with a dilemma as I am in the middle of a move that was not planned for. I didn't want to board my parrot as the last time I did he was really upset with me for days and I was not happy with the way they...
  12. M

    needs advice just bought a sun conure

    I got a 1 yr old sun conure on saturday and got him a really nice cage and I have tried for 5 days now to get him to trust and like me all he does is run away bites hisses and screams what do I do I have tried giving him a bath and drying him off tried giving treats when he bites gently tried...
  13. L

    Sun Conure won't get off cage.

    My female sun conure has been really tough to get out of her cage for the past month or two. I don't know what it is. Sometimes it can take me 5 or 10 minutes to get out of her cage. Other times I will just flat out give up. Once I get her out, she's is very sweet and doesn't seem to be afraid...
  14. Toeksie


  15. Richelle


    Hi my name's Richelle and I'm new to the parrot forum. A few months ago i lost my sun conure, Tikki. I bought him a new happy hut and he chewed it over night and got caught in the threads--he strangled on it. I have to say I know a lot of owners have happy huts for their birds but even the...
  16. R

    Sun Conure help!

    The other day I was looking in my Local Petco at the birds, when I spotted a beautiful bird named Weezy. He was a male Sun Conure and me and my mom both just started to look at him. And then out of no where a song came on and he started to dance! He climbed super quickly to the top of his cage...
  17. P

    Conure Behavior Help ?

    Hi there !(: I have a question about my sun conure, Puff.( and you'll see why i've named him "puff") I have had him for about a week or so now , and every time i walk to his cage he then Puffs up, and goes to his bowl while hes still Puffed up , and starts eating in a "pecking motion." It's cute...
  18. P

    New sun conure ,Im a first time bird owner.

    Hi , I just got a sun conure about less than a week ago ... and I need help . Okay , so i've heard that all parrots go through the breeding season , and they get awfully hormonal , so i havent handled him/her (not sure of the sex). But i have been letting my sun out the cage so he wont feel like...
  19. K

    Sun Conure help!!!!! PLEASE!

    Okay well I've been looking for some help for quite some time now for my Sun conures. I currently have 8. It all started with my pair which I didn't know at first until the female laid 3 eggs. So in December of 2011. They turned 1 year old 2 months ago. Okay so now in the beginning of January...
  20. Sun Conure

    Sun Conure