sun conure

  1. Happyandzaza

    Does these yellow feather on the back mean this is a sun conure

    Hi guys , hope everyone is doing well and same goes for your birds. A month ago I brought home a young sun or jenday conure I dont know for sure because some tell he is a sun conure some say he is not but in the beginning when I brought him home he had no yellow feathers at all, but tonight I...
  2. MariaS.C.M.

    Any advice on transitioning a bird from seeds to pellets?

    Hi, Everyone I’m transitioning my conure diet from seed to pellets. When I got him he was just eating a seed mix. I know it takes time for birds to get used to pellets. I’ve tried to slowly introduce it by mixing it with his seed mixture. I’ve also tried different pellet brands but I’ve notice...
  3. S

    Is it possible to regain trust of 20 year old neglected sun conure?

    Hello all, thank you in advance for any information you can give me as I have tried to do a lot of research and I can not seem to come to a particularly good information or method in my case for my bird. My case is rather embarrassing and complicated and I am trying to do right by it now. I have...
  4. B

    Sun conure vocal problem

    Hi, I've noticed that my 3 plus month old sun conure's vocal is much different than other sun conure's. The sound is like lower pitch. but other 2month old sun conure baby's sound is like the adult conure. mine is 3 month plus and don't know is it normal or not. I've attached a video of my sun...
  5. TeekoGreenCheek


    Teeko was adopted from Pet Smart, he actually wasn't (just honesty) My wife and I walked up to Teeko, and it was love at first sight. He wasn't just ordinary..Teeko was special and, we could tell, he was alone, and he loved the attention. He was scraping his beak up and down on...
  6. TeekoGreenCheek

    Teeko wants Froot Loops?

    Absolutely not Teeko.. lol! Hes getting to smart people
  7. Teeko


    Teeko is a froot loop
  8. E

    Beak Health

    I noticed today that my conures bottom beak is ridged and layered. Is that normal? He does have a scissored beak and hes getting that trimmed Friday but didn’t know if I should be concerned about the new texture
  9. MariaS.C.M.

    A new member here!

    Hi, Everyone! I’m a new mom to a 7 month old conure named Mango. He loves music and cuddles. He enjoys sitting on my head every time he gets. He is full of personality! I am new to having a sun conure so any advice is welcome and appreciated.
  10. E


    My male conure has gotten comfortable with me … toooo comfortable. He’s beginning to try and be naughty with my hand. Whats the best way to stop this as I know if can lead to health concerns. I get him off and seconds later hes back. Would getting another conure of the same sex help get the...
  11. E

    New addition

    The place I got my sun conure has a pineapple green cheek that I think will make a wonderful addition to our family. Whats the best way to introduce the two after a quarantine. Sun is a male and pineapple a female. How can I house them? Two cages obviously to start but can they merge into one?
  12. E

    Cleaning product?

    Whats the best method yall have found to cleaning conure potty messes? Ive been using grapefruit seed extract cut with water but it feels like I need something harsh for the harder messes
  13. Kiwithesunconure

    Lost my bird kiwi

    Hello, I recently lost my pet kiwi in Antioch CA. I need help in finding him and I don’t know what to do.
  14. B

    Sun Conure Finger Problem!

    Hi I have noticed that my 2.5-month old Sun Conure bird has curved fingers. and it cannot properly grip the perches or my finger. Is there a likelihood of those fingers being repaired? I would like to seek advice from experts regarding this matter. Thanks in advance
  15. T

    Sun Conure behaviour help

    So im 31 years old male from India, and we have this beautiful female sun conure 3.5 years of age. She lives with me and my mom. So my bird has an amazing natural body clock, by which it knows and understands time upto precision of minutes and i can swear by it, like exactly going to the balcony...
  16. pawpaw

    Pawpaw's Diary

    Hello everyone! I am Pawpaw, a teenager sun conure. Right now, I am staying in my house and feeling bored. I hate that vet, why did she say my human friend needed to leave me alone to rest for a week? A WEEK? I want to play with my friend! There are toys in my house, the swing is quite fun, but...
  17. pawpaw

    Can't wait to get my little sun conure! [Update: arrived!]

    I am living in China and we have strict rules to parrots: basicly only budgie, cockatial and some species of love birds are allowed. Fortunately, these years more kinds of parrot are permitted for breeders such as green cheek conures. However, I was really impressed by sun conures since I first...
  18. E

    Is this ok?

    my male conure enjoys sitting on me and recently has gotten very comfortable…. too comfortable. Hes falling asleep! Though its cute I want to make sure im not re-enforcing bad/frowned upon behavior by letting him continue.
  19. Solanyx

    New cage choice for 2 parrots - flight with divider?

    Hello all! I'd like some advice on dimensions for a split flight cage for my Sun Conure and CBC. Below is the one I'm considering (21" depth 32" length on either side of divider)...
  20. E

    Sun Conure or Jenday?

    I recently got a conure and he was labeled as Jenday but I’m positive he is a Sun. Just wanted other parrot peoples thoughts. He turns one at the end of april.