sun conure

  1. Dois

    Just found a Sun Conure - has strange wing flipping

    Just about an hour ago, I heard an incessant loud calling outside my apartment, I decided to take a look and true enough, it was a bird. A Sun Conure to be precise. It looked ragged and scared. I gave it some food, which it readily accepted. The bird is clearly very tame and now refuses to leave...
  2. I

    Is this a Yellow Pied Sun Conure?

    I am from the Philippines and i have been breeding Sun Conures for a year now to be exact. This is my month old conure which came out differently from his siblings.
  3. CubicBoron

    Rehoming Sun Conure in Arizona

    Hello all. I'm looking to rehome an 8 year old sun conure in Arizona, preferably in Maricopa county but anywhere works. Loki is an incredibly sweet bird once he trusts you. No behavioural problems. I hate to have to rehome him, but I'm moving into a dorm (uni student) and no one in my house...
  4. J

    Some Issues with my girlfriend's Sun Conure

    Hey all, Never been here as not historically a parrot owner. But recently I moved in with my girlfriend who has a Sun Conure back in April. He was totally fine and friendly with me for the majority of the last few months, would sit on my shoulder, step up and enthusiastically take treats hand...
  5. E

    Sun Conure wearing cone, obsessed with plucking/mutilating

    this is gonna be a long post but I've been needing some help on this issue. Beforehand I would like to say that if this isn't informative enough, I wrote my specific observations with environment and my bird on paper for my vet to see. if anyone is interested in reading that, I will scan it and...
  6. T

    Shaking & quiet

    Hi everyone! First post here. My 2 year old sun conure, Zazu seems a bit puffy these days. On top of that she does seem to be shaking/quivering a bit like she’s cold but my apartment is a good temp. She stayed overnight and had blood work at the avian vet this past weekend. Everything came...
  7. T

    New member from Bahrain 🇧🇭

    Hello fellow Parroters ( if there is such a word ), [english is not my first language] I am new to the parrot world and it is my first experience ever with these beautiful creatures, i am from Bahrain most known for its Formula 1 circuit and passion for motorsport, I never thought before...
  8. S

    Harness training

    Hello everyone! I’ve had my sun conure for a bit of time now and she’s now fully tame. It is currently winter where I live so I thought I’d buy the EZ harness and start training her so that when the warmer weather comes back, I can take her out with me. My question is how long does it typically...
  9. K

    sun/ jenday/ sunday conure?

    So Isla is my beautiful conure! i was told she’s a sun conure but i’ve had a lot of mix messages from people to what she is. i’ve been told she might be a sunday but then others say jenday or sun. She’s 4 months old now. it’s so hard to tell since she’s still young. Any ideas?
  10. Bri_923

    Hand taming a sun conure

    Hello! I have a couple of questions regarding my sun conure. Here’s a little back story: I got him from petsmart (I caved, I know it’s not the best place to get a bird) about six months ago. My guess was that he was around seven months when I got him. Not sure about that though. Anyway, he’s...
  11. erin243

    Bloodfeather in a Sun Conure

    Hi everyone! Quick question - my sun conure has gotten a broken blood feather the bleeding has stopped but this is the second time in a month. The first time the blood feather came out, bleeding stopped, and everything was fine. This time we got the bleeding to stop and everything seems ok but...
  12. cottonut30

    Super Attached, Attention-Demanding Sun Conure

    My 5 yr old sun conure, Mojo, always wants my undivided attention. With other people that she likes, she is mostly content to just cuddle or sit with them and groom herself. But whenever I have her out of her cage, she always wants me to be actively scratching/petting her, taking her outside...
  13. mangotheconure

    Mixed Messages! URGENT HELP!

    Hi everyone, so I have this recently adopted Sun Conure Mango. He was one of my class mates and I asked to take him in because they thought he was to loud. When he came home I saw in his cage there was no toys whatsoever so I instantly ordered them (most likely the reason he is loud). He liked...
  14. P

    Weaning Advice Sun Conure

    Hello everyone! I am new to the group and I am very excited to learn from you all. My husband and my children purchased a Sun Conure for me as an early Mother's Day gift. About 6 years ago I had gotten a Sun Conure and it was stolen from our lanai. I was heartbroken for years and they knew I...
  15. K

    Keeping a Sun Conure Outside Year-Round

    Hi all! So, I’ve been thinking of getting a sun conure, which has to stay outside year-round. During the warmer months, this is no problem because I have a nice shaded spot for the hot days. I also will be free flight training outside in a netted area to begin with. My family and I spend a lot...
  16. C

    8 week sun conure not eating - is this behaviour normal?

    Hey guys!! About two days ago I purchased a 7-8 week old sun conure. Very cute but he’s not really playful yet...he’s mostly sleeping all of the time or sitting on my shoulder doing nothing. My bird is always sleeping is this normal? The bird also never really eats himself, he tries to but...
  17. W

    Sun conure feeding

    I recently picked up my three month old sun conure. I was told they were done with hand feeding and eat on their own. I forgot to ask if the people started my bird on pellets or seeds. Tata (sun conure I’m taking about) enjoys the chopped veggies I gave them but doesn’t touch the pellets. I...
  18. C

    Aggressive Bird

    My bf has a sun conure (named Pedro) that lives at his parents house and is VERY VERY attached to his dad. His dad let Pedro do WHATEVER he wants and even takes Pedro outside with NO LEASH. But for the past couple of months Pedro has gotten aggressive. Pedro will bite anyone that isn’t my bf or...
  19. C

    Sun Conure Noise

    I’m not quite sure what Sonny’s squawking means. Can anybody help me out? :confused: sonny squaking - YouTube
  20. C

    Sun Conure bobbing its head, fluffy, and wing flapping.

    Hello, I have two Sun Conures one is named Sonny they have been bobbing their head up and down for the past two days. They also flap their wings out of nowhere really quickly. I’m not sure how old they are because we kind of rescued them. I’m worried that they’re sick and I’m not sure what to...