talking ability

  1. vljenewein

    Talking Budgie OR other Parrot... Need only one?

    If you are looking for a budgie to talk, will it happen if you have 2 Budgies? In the parrot world does it take just a single parrot to make or break success of talking?
  2. R

    Teaching your parrot to talk while at work

    Hello, Didn't know where to put this, but I think this is the right place. I have created a YouTube channel dedicated to teaching your parrot to talk while you are out. I currently have 5 words on there and 10 videos in total (2 copies of each word. one with background noise and one without)...
  3. G

    What species of conures have the best talking ability ?

    Hi everyone , I'm new to this forum and this forum is great. But guys i have a question . It is - Which species of conures have the best ability to talk and have the clearest voice ?? Do they have good personalities ? I was thinking of getting a new conure and I have experience in keeping...
  4. N

    Questions about talking

    Hi there guys, I'm just new to this forum and would like to ask for any advice on my beautiful Grand Eclectus Mylo. Mylo has just turned 2 there in March and we have had him since he has been weened. He is a perfectly healthy happy boy who will chatter away in his cage or when he is perched...
  5. ForTheBirds

    Chloe's first words :)

    Today marks a week since I brought Chloe home. Last night she was with me in the family room and took off from my shoulder over to the movies. That's when she said "Chloe bird. Chloe bird." How cool is that? I haven't made any attempt to teach her to talk and if she picks up on things that...
  6. F

    Study shows parrots may speak in context

    Does your parrot know what it's saying? Yes, according to this study...please post your thoughts Do Parrots Understand What They Say? -
  7. M

    Amazon vs CAG

    A few months ago I lost my beloved CAG to a vet's mistake. She told me I should not withhold food before minor surgery and Calvin aspirated pieces of almond and died. Later I read that food should be withheld 2-6 hours. The vet never even apologized, called, or sent a card. I would sue her if my...