taming progress

  1. michaelnmaine

    My budgie won't eat his vegetables!

    I have a five/six month old male budgie. He's lived with us for over a month. The first week, he got on my index finger once, then hopped off. Since then, no way! He ate some millet out of my hand (standing on my open palm) one time, and now, he won't come near my hand. I feed him millet...
  2. Trinavian

    New 7 month old - advice wanted!

    Hi there! So, I'm a new owner of a 7 month old Indian ringneck who I named Chartreuse. They were handfed as a baby but wasn't touched much afterwards. I'm not entirely new to bird, I had a couple of love birds, and my beloved Sun Conure who had complications with epilepsy and passed a while...
  3. J

    help with aggressive ringneck

    Hi there! it's my first time using a forum so forgive me am not sure how this works but here I go, I have 2 indian ringnecks (male and female) they're about 2 years old and I have managed to sort of hand tame the female, she doesn't bite (anymore at least), she steps up (not all the time...
  4. Sunnybirb

    Macaw wants to hold my hand?

    It has happened the last few times I've managed to pet her (also trying not to die from excitement that she let me touch her and didn't try to take a finger off this time!). I think she wants to hold my hand? I'm not sure though if I'm missing something. She doesn't like me near her face at all...
  5. E

    Update on Lorne, the new Blue Crowned Conure

    I posted about a month ago when I adopted my Blue Crowned Conure, Lorne. I am happy to report that he is warming up to me (finally) and I am able to handle him almost every time I ask him to step up. The problem is that he seems to still hate my boyfriend and no progress has been made there. I...
  6. S


    I just want to tell people that I picked Tony:grey: (weiro) up and he didn't bite me. Yay! He didn't struggle to get free as quickly as before, he sat on my hand for a bit and then when I sang to him he moved TOWARDS me to sing along when I was right up next to the cage, instead of keeping his...