timneh grey african

  1. T

    Looking for new cage for Timneh, recommendations?

    Hi, My 19 year old Timneh is due for a new cage due to wear and tear and the powder coating beginning to rust. I'm having problems finding a big enough one that has bar spacing less than 3/4" that is also affordable. Max budget of around $500. He loves to climb but has some deformities of his...
  2. Billdore

    Help Training to Step Up

    I am currently looking to take home a 1 1/2 year old Timneh African Grey Parrot.l Hes had a crappy home and the local pet store bought him and has been giving him a nice home. He hasnt had any training and is slowly becoming more socialized thanks to the pet store. I dont believe he was...
  3. B

    my TAGs are about to start a family

    I own a pair of TAG and they starting to mate from 5 days ago (at least this was the first time I observed). My TAGs are really close to me, they still let me hold, kiss, eat my food, and do all the regular stuff. My question is that I can't find a good reference book or guidance about taking...