1. Zack

    My Cockatiel won't let me touch his wings, what do I do?

    My Cockatiel hates it when I touch his wings and I want to put a harness on him, so what do I do? :yellow1:
  2. bostralian

    Socializing Amazon Parrot

    Hi, I've had an Amazon Parrot for 3 years. As I got him in high school I didn't have much time to spend with him (study study study!). I'd just let him out of the cage and he'd fly and sit on my head, and every now and then he'd fly onto my arm. He NEVER lets me touch him, but sometimes I can...
  3. M

    Likes someone better?

    Hello, I got a conure about a month ago and I have been trying to get her used to everything. I have tried to pet her and sometimes she will flap her wings or quickly move her beak to my finger as a warning but if my mom tries to do it, my bird lets her. I feed my bird everyday and take her out...