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Jan 22, 2016
Gold capped conure
I got a conure about a month ago and I have been trying to get her used to everything. I have tried to pet her and sometimes she will flap her wings or quickly move her beak to my finger as a warning but if my mom tries to do it, my bird lets her. I feed my bird everyday and take her out so I am not a stranger or anything. Does she do that because I am doing something wrong or is it just because she may like my mom better?

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I would step back and have a look at how your mother approaches her and how that differs from how you do. You're mother may approach her more slowly which in turn makes the bird more comfortable or she may be in a calmer state of mind. If you go to her expecting her not to let you pet her that's exactly what she is going to do.

If you find that it may be just her preferring your mother, what I would do is have you and only supply all the positive and fun things in his life! Only you provide treats. Only you feed and water her. Only you have training sessions with her and eventually you'll build a stronger bond with her and she'll prefer you're affection over everyone else's! 9: please be patient with her all this stuff takes time
Parrots do have preferred people, and it typically has nothing to do with the person doing anything 'special'. Kind of a love at first sight thing. It's nothing personal against you and no doubt if you keep up with trying to befriend her, she will eventually get friendlier:) It may take her longer to warm up to you and a little more effort on your part is all. Every bird can and should be properly socialized, where they at minimum are friendly/tolerant with all household members and possibly to the point they are also friendly with strangers.

I would not try to pet her for now. Not all parrots appreciate being touched (again, a very individual thing) even if they like you and are friendly. Focus on earning her trust at her pace. Try talking to her and offering thats when she comes closer. Work on stepping up to a stick and then work to steeping up to your hand. Do some trick training with her. Include her in what your doing (within reason). I'm sure she'll come around quickly:)

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