toxic plants

  1. Rkwh

    Plant and herbs for aviary, help needed?

    Hi again everyone, We are building a outdoor aviary for our flock of cockatiels and conures. I want to put some plants in there that are safe for them to nibble etc I grow a bunch of herbs and also have a laurel bay leaf tree. Does anyone know if the laurel bay leaf tree is toxic to our birds...
  2. K

    Are these plants safe for my aviary?

    Hello Everyone I'm building a large enclosure for my lovebirds and I have compiled a list of plants that I have loosely found to be non-toxic to my lovebirds. Some of these plants there was very few information and my intention isn't too feed these plants to my lovebirds but to dress up the...
  3. Ezekiell

    Non-toxic plants for birds?

    Im going to be getting a parrot within the next year and I’m a bit of an avid gardener so I want to make sure I’m across what plants the bird definitely can’t be allowed near. I’m in Australia so I mostly grow natives in the garden (red wattle, Eucalyptus, grevilleas, kangaroo paws, nsw...
  4. B

    A warning :(

    I don't know how many people own cats on here.... Being a parrot forum an all but thought I'd share this as I'd never heard of it before until it was to late. lily poisoning in cats. Friday was just like any other day, our cat 'Jaffa' (he was ginger) ate food like it was going out of fashion...