toy safety

  1. L

    TELL ME…. Am I using SAFE materials products hooks and toys for my quaker?

    Can someone look over Lumi’s cage and areas and see if I should be removing anything and please give a detail why. For example: impaction in crop, choking, too big, too small, needs supervision, dangerous material, may cause cut or strangulation etc. Thanks! Lumi is 10 months now. She loves to...
  2. Ezekiell

    Dangerous toy?

    Hi fellow birders! I’ve got some of these plastic foot toy rattles for my bird and the last time I visited him at the breeder I left one of them for him to play with at the breeders home. My reasoning was it might make the transition from the breeders home to our home easier if he had at least...
  3. Ezekiell

    what toys should I get?

    Hi everyone! So my partner and I have finally decided to get a caique at the end of the year! I’m very excited but I’m also starting to prepare for bringing our new feathered friend home. We’ve never kept this kind of bird before and I’m wondering what kinds of toys I should collect for new...
  4. srdalyssa

    Rate the cage setup!

    Hello all! I will be getting a conure soon and would like some input on my cage setup. I wanted to get the biggest one I could, and it certainly is. It had to be taken apart to get it in the room! :p The toy on the top is one I made from streamers and toilet paper rolls per a Youtube video I...
  5. Vilatus


    Hi, I've just registered and am new here, so sorry for any mistakes! I was wondering if its safe to let my cockatiel play with a plastic spoon, as long as she is not eating it? She's fascinated with my spoons when I use them, and tries to throw them around. (In a typical bird fashion she enjoys...
  6. Sheryl

    Sad new member and a little lost

    I found y'all while I'm grieving the loss of our precious BFA, Bergie. She was 25 and had been with us her whole life. She died in January from Heavy Metal Toxicosis from a zinc bell on a toy I bought her for Christmas. So besides mourning, I'm tormented with self-blame, angry over toys made in...