1. Kiwi&Zeus

    Traveling and taking a road trip with Conures

    Hi! We have taken a few road trips with Kiwi our Sun Conure over the years. Both to cold and hot climates. The longest was about 8 hours one way drive and took us about 9 hours including stop overs. Before starting the trip we leave Kiwi in the car for some time to get acclimatised and give...
  2. Sera

    Feeding 4 week okdbaby sun conure

    So I just bought what I was told to be a 4 week old sun conure. The breeders had fully weaned ones but they were insane and didn’t even like the breeder let alone me. They also offered the newborn which was irresponsible on their part and my dumbass took it cause I wanted to raise it. I’ve...
  3. M

    I'll have to travel without Mango :(

    Hello everyone! I'm going out of the country soon for a family emergency and I felt bad leaving Mango behind for 2 weeks (Aug. 10-27) so I thought it would be fun to bring him with me. I did some research and saw that I could bring him on the airline by paying a fee. The websites I looked into...
  4. GracelynNBirds

    Buying a galah from Australia?

    Hello, this is a CRAZY idea but, I was wondering if it is legal if I were to take plane tickets to Australia, buy a bird/galah there, and fly me, and the bird back to the USA. Does anyone know if that is somehow allowed? Thanks, Gracelyn. :)