Jun 10, 2024
Kiwi is 8 to 9 years old female and Zeus is 19 to 20 months old male.

We have taken a few road trips with Kiwi our Sun Conure over the years. Both to cold and hot climates. The longest was about 8 hours one way drive and took us about 9 hours including stop overs.

Before starting the trip we leave Kiwi in the car for some time to get acclimatised and give her treats and generally play and spend time with her. We do this during the road trip as well so she is comfortable and relaxed. Generally we pamper her a bit more but be careful not to over feed treats.

We try to keep car temperature same through out the journey and try to leave the conditioning on during the stop overs, unless we can bring her out for fresh air.

We ensure there is ample food and water for her through out the trip.

Never had a problem and felt my bird is happy during the trips with all the extra attention she gets.

Note: I personally feel that while driving it is best to keep the bird caged for safety of the bird and all passengers. So we only take kiwi out of her traveling cage is during stops.
Sounds good to me! I traveled from New Mexico to Ohio with the Rb in the passenger seat. We just followed common sense and made it! I like your ideas. Staying in motels was a little trickier, but paid extra for a corner room and tried all sort of tricks to keep him occupied and quiet. My eardrums were a little fried after a couple of thousand miles in a compact car with an excited Patagonian!
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I was worried about Kiwi shrieking in car when I took the first trip. she has been a good girl in all the trips and dint make any unusual ruckus when we were in car. I always take air bnb type villa accommodation when travelling with pets so there is sufficient space. To be in 1 motel room will be noisy for sure.

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