1. Rufio850

    Green cheek flight suit

    Is there a certain time limit to how long you can keep a flight suit on a parrot? We are taking a 9 hour trip in a rental so we cant have him pooping in the car. Or does anyone know of a strong cleaner that gets poop out instantly? I at least need the first question answered please, thanks!
  2. WannaBeAParrot

    Our 1200 mile trip, incl. Going Through Security With a Bird.

    A few weeks ago I was writing asking for advice about whether to take Pritti or board him. He did great in the airport, security, one the plane and car rides. Jet Blue was amazing, and the airport staff was very accommodating. Security was interesting, when I got to the first security person...
  3. Shae

    Boarding Aftermath...

    I have a Poicephalus parrot, a Brown-headed Parrot named Frank. We just got back from a 15 day vacation, and he was boarded at the breeder's house. The breeder is VERY trustworthy, and Frankie had a ton of social time with him. He handles him extreemly well. Frank is not yet a year old, but is a...