1. SailBoat

    March 2019 POTM Contest

    The March POTM Theme is: "In Big Trouble!" As in; I'm In Big Trouble! You're In Big Trouble! We're In Big Trouble! They're In Big Trouble! etc... After all, March is that transitional month from Winter to Spring or Summer to Fall! And many of our Parrots are or will be feeling the surge...
  2. N

    How do I get my birds to try foods?

    My birds will only eat seed and only one will take millet. Neither one of them will take anything fresh. I have tried putting the stuff in separate dishes from their seed feed and even in the same dish with their food but they always avoid the treats. They won't take anything from my hand (they...
  3. H

    Aggressive Bird

    So my bird, Skeeter, has always disliked my roommate but lately it's gotten worse. Skeeter just attacked him because there were in the same hallway. I may be forced to get rid of him if he doesn't get better. And Skeeter only has this problem with my roommate, no one else. What can I do to make...
  4. claireby13

    Teaching parrot to bow?

    Hey guys, just wondering if anyone could help me with a little conundrum I've encountered while training Tiko. I'm trying to teach him a trick I've called 'bow', where I make him follow a target stick with his head and try to get him to lower his head. However, I was just wondering ways to fade...