1. FrancisMom

    Video Woes

    Ugh, why isn't there an easier way to upload videos? My U2 has ritualized behavior that I want to ask about. I can't find any explanation about it anywhere, and I'd like to show it here but I can't upload a video unless I go to some third party site, make a whole other account, upload the...
  2. texsize


    Ok, I got the title Bella-Gram from a book I just finished reading. Bella is doing very well. She is letting some of her feathers grow back in. Still learning new words and phrases. I got this video of her talking and making noises. I am afraid am not good at video editing and the first part of...
  3. ClancyTheAmazon

    Major Relationship Updates

    Hello, I Wanted To Share With The Community A Very Important Update! The Other Day When Clancy Was Playing Outside His Cage I Filled Up His Food Bowl With Veggies And Decided To Show It To Him Before I Put The Bowl In His Cage. I Havent Been Able To Pick Him Up For The Longest Time (Since I...