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Oct 23, 2015
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Ok, I got the title Bella-Gram from a book I just finished reading.
Bella is doing very well. She is letting some of her feathers grow back in. Still learning new words and phrases.

I got this video of her talking and making noises. I am afraid am not good at video editing and the first part of the video was doubled. I like the way she lifts up her foot making a fist while she is talking.

Bella does not have a specific contact call. What she does do is make this noise that's kind of like a donk donk. She makes this noise when you walk up to her cage and say hi to her. Because I can not duplicate the noise she makes I just say donk donk to her. Now she is repeating me repeating her. She also says one of her favorite made up words "sweegul" a contraction of sweet girl.
[ame=""]bella donk donk - YouTube[/ame]

This second video I tried to show how Bella goes on alert when I approach her cupboard. It's not easy to see but her feathers go from slicked down to standing at attention.

[ame=""]Bella playing in her cupboard nest - YouTube[/ame]


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Sep 21, 2017
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Enzo stop in her tacks when she heard your first video, she didnt move once...
Your second video, its so hard to tell if she is that is a happy 'fluff' or a warning 'fluff', but based on her reaction to your hand id say she is happy there. Try and avoid her access to the cupboard though, nesting isnt good..
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