vitamin a

  1. Jesse_EG

    Smelly Poops, Lots of tests, No Answers

    I'm curious to know if anyone else has had smelly poops that vets have had a hard time diagnosing and what they did to get back to normal. My African Grey (CAG) has been with us for about 6 years now and he is about 12. In June we had a full physical and wellness exam that he came out with...
  2. K

    My brain is short circuiting - lovie diets

    I am reevaluating my 7 lovebirds and 1 IRN diet. I have one lovie hen, Butters, I took to the vet because of an occasional (but still worrisome) sneezing/nare scratching/hacking/coughing(?) issue. They did a swab and sent it in for culture. Came back negative for the usual suspects of...
  3. M

    Signs of aging in Amazons

    We have a White-fronted Amazon of indeterminate age. He was rescued one early December morning in 1987, found clutching to the rapidly cooling engine of a motorcycle on the means streets of Canadian Gotham. He's been in the family for 21 years. Today, his feathers are a pretty sad sight. An...