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Feb 18, 2017
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I am reevaluating my 7 lovebirds and 1 IRN diet.

I have one lovie hen, Butters, I took to the vet because of an occasional (but still worrisome) sneezing/nare scratching/hacking/coughing(?) issue. They did a swab and sent it in for culture. Came back negative for the usual suspects of respiratory infection. Vet suggested this could be mycoplasma so doxy was prescribed BID for 7 days. If this does not eliminate the issue, he said we are probably left with allergies as being the diagnosis.


Could this be related to a vitamin A deficiency? I have noticed this bird in particular is not very fond of her Roudybush. The few seeds that are in there she gobbles first.

I realized for how much I love them I really need to give them a better diet. But what does that look like? Is Roudybush really a good choice? Is the the vitamin A it contains synthetic? Isn't beta carotene the safer choice than regular vitamin A? What about Harrison's Red Palm Oil? Do African birds need more fat in their diet than non-African birds (please if you can, include a scientific source!)?

I would love feedback to avoid a mental meltdown...:)

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