1. K

    6 Month Old Screaming/Baby Noises

    Hey, I have a 6 month old tiel who makes baby noises after breakfast and sometimes throughout the day. It is the obnoxious “dinosaur” sounding baby scream. I feed her about 4 tbps of seeds mixed with chop in the morning, and then she has a break from food until about 1-2pm and then I give her...
  2. charmedbyekkie

    Parrot Imitation - reflection or meaningless?

    I used to think that what parrots say sometimes are a strange reflection of their environments. Any time my partner and I get into a disagreement, I move us into another room, away from Cairo or I put Cairo in his cage in another room. I also actively try to make sure people only speak to Cairo...
  3. T

    So confused 😕

    Hello everyone, Please don't judge me.... First let me tell you about myself and my bird. His name is Tango, he will be 4 years old next April. He's a "parrotletosaurus"! Lol As for myself, i've had a couple of fids before. Animals are my life! I don't remember not having some type of pet all...