1. Robin_Jet

    Cockatiel Vomited

    I was studying in the kitchen when my cockatiel must have thrown up on the other side of the kitchen island. My mom and I were talking and didn't see it happen. It took a second for me to realize the sticky mess, partly clear with a little bit of pinkish orangish stuff in it with what I realized...
  2. Quetki


    My bird was just chilling on my chest, hanging about and picking at my face when he started to grab my lip and i couldn't see the best, but it looked like he was trying to regurgitate. Should I keep him away from my face?
  3. N

    I think my conure threw up? Help!!!

    My conure started sneezing repeatedly but I saw no discharge around her nose and appearance wise she seemed fine (I don’t know her gender but I call her a she). There are some dried fruit in her food bowl which I saw her eat then a few minutes later I saw her bob her head back and forth and...
  4. P

    Green cheek conure suddenly vomiting, lethargic

    I've had my conure for a year and he's a little under two now. I feed him totally organic food and give him a little bit of fruits and veggies every day it's been the same routine for a year. I don't own any teflon, I don't wear any perfumes and I never burn candles. He seemed totally absolutely...
  5. A

    Black Ball Dangling? Green Cheek

    Hey everyone i woke up this morning gave my green cheek some fruit and went away for a couple hours but when i came home i found this black hard dangling thing on my conures neck, i dont know what it is but i took it out it seemed to not give pain to my bird but as we took it out we as well...
  6. R

    my alexandrine parrot is bleeding

    my Alexandrine parrot was flying an by mistakenly fan was on and he got hurt. he was bleeding from mouth and nose and his whole body got lose. After some time the bleeding was stop but his legs are not working. He is not eating anything and if we make him eta something after 2 mins he vomet...
  7. christine

    Lovebird Sick After Eating Pomegranate

    Hey Everyone, My instincts are saying that my lovebird is just fine and this event doesn't warrant a visit to the vet but I wanted to get some feedback from you guys. I just had my first case of my lovebird vomiting. Full on vomiting--not just regurgitating. I bought a pomegranate and was...
  8. M

    Parrot diagnosed with PDD please give advice

    I recently took my Yellow naped Amazon Bogie to the vet. The vet didnt do any biopsy or anything, really. He just looked at the bird and felt his chest and said the bird is thin, had a tough crop, was very sick and probably has PDD. He gave me some liquid celebrex to give him orally to take down...