weird behavior

  1. R

    My kakariki is ripping the sage I put in my tea and rubbing it on himself?

    It is weird considering I've never seen him doing it before, he usually steals it for a bit or two but recently he's been putting tiny bits of it in between his feather. It's like disguising his smell in it, I don't know man, but this is a first time for me. I'm hiding the sage from him, he's...
  2. Mokey

    How come my bird does that with his foot?

    Okay, so my eclectus parrot named Mokey (hence my profile name) does this weird thing with his foot at night, and I'm not sure if it's normal, or if it's something I should be concerned with. Here's an image: Edit: Sorry, the computer processed the image horizontally.
  3. P

    New green cheek conure being weird?!

    Hello! Ive recently bought a 4 month old conure (atleast thats what they have told me) he looks pretty small so i didnt question them further however he doesnt have a leg band, but he IS pretty tame as in he steps up when hes outside his cage and climbs to my shoulder and nibbles on my shirt...
  4. C

    New G.C.C. acting odd

    Hello everyone, My name is Cory, and I recently added a G.C.C. to my family. His name is Ace. Ace is a four month old male. We bought him from a local breeder who hand raises all of their parrots. They recommended Ace as a first time parrot. Plus my girlfriend Tanya and I were looking for a...
  5. K

    Strange behavior my pionus baby does!

    I am a new Pi owner and I found this weird thing my baby does.... When he is on the couch with coverlet on to prevent him from pooping directly on it, he would tuck hisself in the corner and make him self flat and let me scratch his head, ok, that's just cute not weird. He then start to wheeze...
  6. Tsukimaru

    My New Congo African Grey Parrot!! :)

    My New Congo African Grey Parrot!! + (Can you Explain the video!?) He is only 4 months old!! he is so adorable .. i got him before Yesterday from my friend!! and im so excited to spend Time with this parrot!! i give him fresh fruit, veggies and fresh clean water everyday.. im giving him seed...