1. jBurn801

    White poop please help.

    I noticed this morning that one of my budgies is pooping white and he's pooping more often than usual. I cleaned the cage and I've been watching him all day. He's been acting normal (singing, preening, eating, drinking, and playing). I've been observing his poop color throughout the day and...
  2. Ezekiell

    Eating during the day

    Does anyone’s caique have days where they pig out on all the food provided to the extent that the next day they don’t really want to eat? This week Māui pigged out on literally everything I left for him during the day (I work) so I came home one day to find he’d demolished everything left in...
  3. S

    Suki, my first and new white capped Pionus

    I am thrilled to have my first pet parrot in my life. She is a white capped Pionus and her name is Suki. She is such a sweet heart, although she is only 1 year old, things could change but I hope not. Suki is like velcro. She follows me everywhere, always wants to be with me. I never...
  4. C

    Tiny white mite crawling across my Hyacinth's breast

    I was just cuddling my hyacinth through the bars of his cage after putting him away and noticed a tiny white speck move rapidly across his breast and then into his feathers! A quick search on bird mites and lice tells me that they are not white but dark in color. Anybody know what this is and...
  5. V

    White Feathers

    Hello, I'm new to the site but I signed up because I knew this was a great place to get into from other bird owners, and recently I've been a bit worried about my bird Finn. He's a green budgie who I got a couple of months ago. He's been a real handful since I got him. His wings were...
  6. B

    GCC feather issue?

    Hi I'm new here this is grubby. I Have a question tho ,you see that white feather right there it's really THICK and fluffy feeling its thick enough to be a tail feather but it feels like a down feather. better focus but its partially covered by his wing. He's had this feather for his...
  7. Iago


    Iago is a cockatiel that's about 5 years old and my oldest bird.