wing injury

  1. S

    Plucking cockatiel?

    hello. I hope I`m posting this in the right place. do you think my bird is plucking, or maybe injured? His wing has a bald spot. I`ll attach an image :yellow1::confused:
  2. S

    Is my bird plucking?

    I noticed that my bird has a bald spot, do you think he’s plucking or injured? he doesn’t seem to be in any pain. :yellow1::confused:
  3. S

    Injured wing?

    My budgie will sometimes let his left wing droop down beside him, he is not stretching it, he just lets it sit there and he'll drag it along for a bit when walking, but he'll tuck it back in if someone comes near. Also after flying, that wing will shake a bit, and he'll hold it in an awkward...
  4. christine

    Lovebird with Hurt Wing, When to go to Vet? How to treat?

    Hello everyone Can you help me figure out the best thing to do with this wing injury? Its my first lovebird injury and I cant tell if its minor or if I should go to the vet. My female Lovebird's left wing has been bothering her for a few weeks. The last few days it seems more severe. Her...