Injured wing?


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Aug 20, 2014
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My budgie will sometimes let his left wing droop down beside him, he is not stretching it, he just lets it sit there and he'll drag it along for a bit when walking, but he'll tuck it back in if someone comes near. Also after flying, that wing will shake a bit, and he'll hold it in an awkward position for a little while, then everything will be back to normal. He started doing this for a few minutes once or twice a day, but it's only been around 3 days that his wing has looked hurt. Today I haven't noticed him dragging it, but the wing does shake a bit every now and then after flying.
The only other thing wrong with that wing is that it is missing a few of his long primary flight feathers. The drooping of his wing started after he lost those feathers. Also on both sides of his wings there are a couple of the longest primary flight feathers that look like they have been cut in half, except the ends of those feathers look chewed up and tattered. I took him to the vet before he started dragging his wing and the vet checked his wings and didn't say anything about the tattered feathers.
I called the vet clinic the day he started dragging his wing and they said that he might have just bumped it and that I should keep an eye on it.
Should I take my budgie to the vet or do you think that it will go away?


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Nov 24, 2010
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If he's missing feathers on only one wing, it probably feels odd to him or maybe he's a bit out of balance, but everything should workout as it's moulting season for most parrot species.....

Good luck.....

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