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    HELP! Parakeets completely eating all their paper &yucca chip wood toy?!?!

    So I have two parakeets (female and male) and I made some homemade toys for them. One of them had a waffle ball stuffed with shredded paper and another one had an individual yucca chip that I bought from a pack on amazon. They liked it right away but the next morning I noticed that the ball had...
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    Cassava wood?

    I want to make some toys for a friend's ringneck. Since I'm cutting down some cassava trees/large shrubs I was hoping to use their wood plus natural jute rope to make a ladder for her, for a start. Cassava wood is quite soft, so I don't see it lasting long, but it should be a lot of fun to...
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    Where to buy toy parts?

    Hello everyone I like making my own toys, not only I save money and RECYCLE (everyone should recycle in my book :D) , but I have the freedom to put whatever pieces I know my baby likes to play with. I have previously ordered parts from Blues Bird toys and Nalani, which i had a terrible...