Where to buy toy parts?


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Sep 7, 2011
miami, fl
Hello everyone

I like making my own toys, not only I save money and RECYCLE (everyone should recycle in my book :D) , but I have the freedom to put whatever pieces I know my baby likes to play with. I have previously ordered parts from Blues Bird toys and Nalani, which i had a terrible experience with, the lady answered my *many* emails at least a week later and never received they toys! anyways Blue will no longer sale toy parts soon as i recently saw on the website :(
I get mostly colored wood parts, plastic chains and cotton rope not so much the metal hardware stuff. If anyone has any suggestions as to where else i can get toy parts I would really appreciate it, i really want to avoid places like Nalani.

Oh i almost forgot! I live in miami zip 33155 in case anyone knows anyone local within 30 miles which would be the best!.... I havent so far :(

Thanks!!! ;)
I've ordered from California Bird Nerds in the past but since have started to order more so from Things for Wings, mostly because I'm in Canada and it's just easier for me on the shipping, plus I often buy some Things for Wings original toys at the same time :)

One note for Things for Wings, the owner does ship from Washington State every week to cut down shipping cost within the States :)
I make bird toys, and donate them to Rescues, and Sanctuaries. I use things like wine corks, small paper cups, small paper plates, wood clothespins, craft popsicle sticks (not colored), cardboard squares, plastic straws, plastic beads, natural wood beads (no lacquer or finish), undyed cotton rope, natural rawhide laces, toilet paper tubes, little plastic cat balls with bells in them, strips of clean white t-shirts, plastic buttons, and all sorts of other natural, undyed, household items. You can also buy bird toy parts on ebay.
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yeah, i use some of the things teakwood.... mentioned and some others, i will check out california birds, thanks to both!!!
I also try to make most of my toys. I use www.greyfeathertoys.com. I have never had a problem with them. They give you good descrptions and sell things in bulk to make it easy for people who have birds that like to tear all their toys up in a couple hours, like mine.
While I haven't bought toy parts from them yet, I like mysafebirdstore.com for everything. When I email a question, I get an answer back from the owner usually within 15 minutes. I do have a bag of toy parts that I was sent free last time from them with my last order, just haven't decided how to turn it into a toy yet!

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