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  1. R

    Destructive behavior or molting??

    Hi, I've had my GCC for nearly two years. She's been molting for a few weeks and she's had pin feathers around her head/neck and has grown in a few new wing and tail feathers. That's all been ok but I'm concerned about her back. She does have a handful of noticeable new feathers starting to grow...
  2. K

    I need some me help

    Hi everyone So Today when I took my macaw outside of the cage so he can play But suddenly he vomited/regurgitated not sure a white saliva like substance he didn’t want to eat before that. After what happened he ate. Is it normal He is acting normally ,screaming , talking and normal feces I...
  3. _cisco_

    birdy beaks

    :green: :33:I've had my bird for 7 years now and he is seven years old and I'm 15 so I'm going to be with him for a very long time he's quite loud and I'm surprised my family hasn't sold him behind my back lol, he's a blue crowned conure so as many people know they have a LOUD scream... and is...
  4. JennyB

    Plucking or Molting?

    Two weeks ago I lost my almost 25 year old cockatiel. A couple days later I noticed a "rough" patch on my son's gcc's belly that looked as if she might have pulled a feather or 2. She will be a year old in about a month, and we've kept an eye on her, but the patch has gotten a little bigger...