1. Bomber Yna

    Bomber Yna

    This is Bomber a male 26 yr old YNA. I hate to admit this, but he is my favorite, we always say "don't tell the others". I know from his previous owner that he was a hand fed/hand raised as a baby. He's been with me over 20 years.
  2. B

    First time owner of a 40 year old Amazon!

    :greenyellow: Hi my name is Alicia, I’m a first time bird owner but have been a volunteer at an exotic bird rescue for about a year now. I originally wanted a macaw but have fallen in love with a big Yellow naped Amazon named Alec who was born in 1980. He was at the rescue for three years and...
  3. O

    Overweight and bored YNA, but encouraging activity leads to weight gain or fear!

    I have an overweight (~565g, should be ~525g) and bored ~30 year old female YNA. I have read through the stickied Amazon posts, and I can't figure out how to fix boredom without weight gain. The vet says I can no longer cut food and need to get my bird to be active. The active behaviors I want...
  4. AuntMeredith

    Just moved - no Avian Certified vet in new area!

    Hi, everyone....I just signed on to this Forum on behalf of my YNA, Bubba, and myself. We have lived together in Kansas, Pennsylvania, Denmark, and Virginia (D.C. area)--and have never been in an area without an Avian Certified doc for Bubs. But here we are in rural SE Arizona, and there...
  5. shellmel777

    Advice/Help for an Adoptive Family of Two 25 y/o Amazons

    Hi everyone! I am new to the forum and new to owning birds. I will try to make my story as short as possible. Any help and advice you may have as your read through would greatly be appreciated. :) I have always wanted birds (just ask my husband....he was getting tired of hearing it lol)...
  6. D

    New Member and Owner of YNA!

    Hey guys! Just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Liz and I've just rescued a Yellow Naped Amazon almost two weeks ago. His name is Chuffles and he is 10 years old. He is my first "large" parrot and so far no regrets! He's becoming more and more relaxed each day - as well as more vocal...