A party alone.


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Sep 7, 2006
Think Bucc has been having a party, I have been cleaning his cage out and boy oh boy what a mess! Now while I understand that he loves to throw his food about, and I have to say I have no problem with that, I mean if thats what he wants to do okay with me, What I would dearly love to know is how he manages to get food UNDER the tray, yep its all there sitting on the runners :confused: I mean HOW does he manage it, not even the kids could manage that and thats saying something as they can manage nearly everything messy!! :eek: At the moment he is in his cage having a funny 5 mins, think he's trying to rearrange all his toys. Everytime I look over at him he stops what he is doing and looks at me so sweetly :54: Guess he's happy!!!!!!! thats the main thing I guess. :D
I agree, it totally boggles the mind how they manage to get stuff in the most unlikely places, especially the fruits and veggies. I mean wow, the seed I can sorta see getting into places because it bounces when it falls, but fruit? Only a bird could manage that one. :)
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Thats the truth.

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