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Dec 3, 2021
I’m receiving a rosella in a few weeks and I want to make my room and home as safe as I can I know a few things like their sensitive respiratory systems and that I have to stop using non stick pans as well as stop using air freshener but I wanna ask if there’s any semi safe type of freshener and I want to know what kind of routine I would need to get into for the food so I can balance pellets chop and seeds (occasionally)?


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Apr 25, 2020
I have cut out most scented products from my home because of my birds needs and because I het scent-related migraines. Even so, a natural pump room spray most likely killed a young Gouldian finch of mine. Migraines give a person a great awareness of how much fragrance is used in products that maybe don't need it. Even regular laundry detergent is pretty stinky. I go with "fragrance-free" or unscented or "free and clear" products as much as I can.

I think it's better to not use air fresheners at all, or any cleaner that smells strongly. Turn on fans, open windows, etc when cooking or cleaning. Also, many cleaners and room sprays contain Febreeze which is super toxic. I've become aware of this because it gives me a terrible migraine if I smell it at all. I use plain diluted bleach or vinegar to clean many things. BUT these also are toxic in high concentrations and must be ventilated.

I got rid of my nonstick cookware because burnt or overheated PTFE kills birds and hurts people's lungs. I have well-seasoned cast iron that I use for frying. I do use cooking spray on it but with the oven fan on. Unfortunately, I'm in a small apartment, so if I burn something while cooking, I have to run to open windows. I've been known to move birdcages into the bathroom with the fan running if I burn something or notice a strong product smell.

It's more important to get fresh air than to worry about temperature. If you have an accident, get your windows open and a fan going even if it's cold out. A bit of a draft isn't going to kill a healthy bird. Smoke or chemicals will.


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Aug 30, 2021
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Hi, welcome to the forums :)

I totally agree with HeatherG on air freshener and I'm not gonna say it all again, since Heather has pretty much covered what you should know about them.

As for the diet question, I feed vegetables/chop in the morning and pellets in the evening, and seeds as treats for training and playing. You can do chop in the evening and pellets in the morning as well, but this is how I get the right balance into my birds' diets.
For my budgies and parrotlet, I give them a small meal of vegetables in the middle of the day so they don't get too hungry.


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Nov 22, 2015
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ANy commercial product that uses heat, like toaster, waffle iron, bread maker, crock pot etc etc is a potential source of death, as most use a teflon coating on the heating element as a corrosion preventative. Hair dryers, curling irons, the list is endless.

For chop, I make 3-4 months worth and freeze about a weeks worth in zip lock freezer baggies. I add crumbled pellets or nutraberries to soak up any water from thawing.

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