Alexandrine parrot digestive problem


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Mar 30, 2014
Indian Ringneck, Alexandrine
I have 3 months old alexandrine.. From last 3 days he is not eating anything by himself so we have to feed him boiled rice by force... So can i give him kaytee exact handfeed or try something else????


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Jun 3, 2013
Newcastle, NSW, Australia
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You don't say what you are feeding your bird, but I wouldn't force-feed him with boiled rice! Try to make up a more liquid feed. Grind the rice down to a paste and add some warm water to make it easy to swallow. Sweeten it a bit to make it tasty for the bird and offer it on a spoon. You could also offer him some stewed fruit (apple, peach, pear etc) or some cooked vegetable (allow it to cool before offering it). Most birds enjoy a very little taste of peanut butter or even a bit of plain unsalted peanut. If your bird doesn't want to eat, don't force him - you could do far more damage to him that way. I have seen young birds die of shock when they were force-fed, so please don't do that any more.

You don't say how long you've owned the bird. If he's still 'new', then perhaps he's still settling in and is still too nervous to eat on his own. If that's the case, then just wait for him to eat - he will do that when he's hungry. Force-feeding him will only make him afraid of you and you don't want that. Where did you get your bird? If you got him from a breeder, then why not ask the breeder what to do? If you got him from a shop, then go back and ask what he had been eating before you bought him.

For now, leave him alone for a day or so and if he doesn't eat anything, try to get him to a vet if you can. Good luck! I hope your bird begins eating for you - you must be so worried about him.

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