And This... seed mix saga


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May 29, 2015
New Jersey
Max (23yo) Blue and Gold Macaw,
PRIMOR (8yo) Red Lored Amazon,
ABBA (33yo) Red Lored Amazon - RIP
The other half, last week comes back after visiting his hometown in brazil.

He says,
"this is what they are now feeding the Parrots in my home of Brasil"

He shows me this mix with sunflower seeds, dried corn, dyed pellots, and scrawny in shell peanuts...
These peanuts were moist and pewney. Talk about being afraid of some kind of fungus...

Primor and Max have been on fresh foods and nuts as treats for almost ten years.
No peanuts no sunflower seeds.

I'm like,
"this is the same damned stuff of poorer quality that we transitioned them off of when we first got them!! And it was not easy, you fool.
The seed mix they were eating back then was triple the mess, gave us a moth infestation and was totally unhealthy for the birds."

There is no talking to him!!
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