Ants and Crawly Bugs, OH MY!


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May 14, 2016
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ANTS and CRAWLY BUGS... Oh, my!

It's that tme of year...
For rhe first time in two years in our new condo, ants were all over the Rb's food and grate today. No problem.
May I share my quick, non-toxic, cheap, low-tech method of control? I just put little cups or saucers under the legs, fill with about an inch of water. Voila. Another method is to get some double-sided tape and wrap about an inch of the leg just above the wheels. I have never been disappointed in either method.
EDIT: I just recalled... I've also heard that smearing a little Vaseline around eac leg will deter/trap bugs.

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I had an ant invasion a day or two ago.

I sprayed around the outside of house with the over the counter stuff that doesn’t do much.
only use it outside.

inside I just spray with diluted Dawn and clean up.
I use Gail's method, it works great. Just have to remember to top off the water in the bowls.
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On balance, the double-sided tape is easiest... I think I'm gonna order a new roll!

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